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Clan KwH Fun-Challenge Empty Clan KwH Fun-Challenge

Post  Geek on Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:23 pm

I have a proposal for people that are bored, just sitting in the channel. Why don't you play some ladder games (Classic Warcraft III), and get an icon? A full channel with lots of icon looks pro-ish Smile
Therefor, Im also rewarding everyone that gets and icon with a price!

A 25-win icon - 1 week admin to 1 bot!
A 250-win icon - 1 week admin to all bots!
A 500-win icon - 2 week admin to all bots!
1500-win icon - 1 months admin to all bots!

This "challenge" has no time limit and is just for fun. This "challenge" does not help you earn/sustain grunt rank.

As always, new proposals for maps, challenges or like this, "fun-challenges" are always welcome be sent to


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