F0LK vs KwH Tournament

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F0LK vs KwH Tournament Empty F0LK vs KwH Tournament

Post  r4nCe on Wed Feb 29, 2012 12:53 pm

F0LK vs KwH Tournament

Everyone of KwH can join!

To make it fair, we play once on the KwH map/bot and once on the F0LK map/bot (eu bot)

There will be as many matches as we can build teams! A team consists of any 3 Players
(they dont have to be all of the same rank anymore)
Each player can only be in 1 team

Match time is 19:00/7pm UTC+1 (or UTC+2 because of summertime, I have to check then)

the FINAL MATCH will be played by the top 3 players of the clan

doodle: www . doodle . com /dmuu43y5be8pb7tv#table

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