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CLAN RULES (read) Empty CLAN RULES (read)

Post  Fanatic. on Thu Feb 10, 2011 8:08 pm

Clan rules

A clan will not work without rules. In order to create a environment which allows people to enjoy their game and their time in clan, we have set up some rules which should be followed. We have to think about the image of our clan in the WCIII community as well. If you have been found disobeying and breaking these rules too frequently, you will be kicked from the clan.

General rules:

-Treat everyone with respect
-Insulting will not be tolerated
-Don’t harass other people. (Shamans and chieftain are here to help you, but we also want to play and just have a fun time)
-Stay calm, whatever happens

Forum rules:

-Try to visit the forum at least once a week, to stay updated on what is happening in the clan
-Spamming is not allowed (Discussions between 2 people should be held via pm)
-Each topic should be placed in the corresponding forum
-People are limited to one account per person

Bot rules:

Thanks to Kitty-Furball we have an excellent hosting bot and as a member of our clan you have to set an example. If you do not follow these simple rules, you will be warned 1 time and after that you may get BANNED permanently from the bot.

-Same rules as in General rules apply
-Admin abuse is not allowed, you can report this to the shamans or chieftain

These rules are not required but are seen as optional:

-Leave noone behind
-Play a lot :p
-Save others when you can


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