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Post  Geek on Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:23 am

Things I need help with from my SHAMANS! (not anyone else in clan, except if they volenteer, and guarantee that they will get it done good)

#1. I need help finishing the Training videos. I will edit them and such myself, but I need "actors" helping me create different scenarios and situations. Also, someone to control the wolves.

#2. I need Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9.0 , or Sony Vegas Pro 9.0 . They are like the same, they are video editing programs. I need them, they're easy to get, but expensive. Instead I want to get them for free, however, when you've downloaded them and such, you have to register the program, that's where the problem comes. If you want to help me, I suggest you either know how I can get past the registration, or send me something so that I can install it without having to register.

#3. I need new ideas for KwH-challanges, good ideas!

#4. I need someone to make all our current members and future new members to register and be active on this/our forum! - ASAP!

This is all that I can come to think about atm. I will update it with replys whenever I come to think of new tasks.
If you see something here, that you think you can manage to do, it would be a great help, just reply and say which number it is in that case, so that other ppl can see that it is already taken and doesn't need doing anymore.

As always, recruting and training is a given task for all shamans in our clan.



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